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As Spain may come out of business quarantine before other countries,  Off-plan buyers will need to complete on properties that they can’t visit due to continuing international travel restrictions. They will need an independent professional to check the property in advance of them making their final payment. Survey Spain, RICS Chartered Surveyors in Spain, carry out snagging inspections, acting 100% on our client’s behalf, not being controlled, influenced or paid by the selling agent, developer or builder.

Survey Spain‘s surveyors, living and working in Spain for many years, have provided 1,000’s of snagging, building survey and valuation reports; know the regulations and conventions; and what should be and what should not be accepted. We’ve found specifications were changed such as:

  • Not providing a children’s pool even though it’s advertised.
  • Moving the aircon units from the roof to the terrace, taking up space, noisy and unsightly.
  • Installing a different kitchen colour and units.
  • Changing stair bannisters to be much less safe.
  • Changing the type of flooring of the property.
  • 1,000’s of minor but annoying flaws and defects that can spoil the enjoyment of living in a property.

Survey Spain’s Report, with the List of Defects in English and Spanish, assists our clients in getting what they contracted for and is an invaluable help to the lawyer if it goes that far. The Spanish report is essential to ensure the tradesmen know, and the English report is for our client.

Our work is more than just the snagging list of defects. We discuss with our client their concerns and any House inspection checklistparticular items they want especially looked at. Before we visit, we study plans, contracts, specifications, marketing, measurements, etc. We ensure with the agent/developer that the property is ready for inspection, including if possible that electricity and water are connected.

When the developer declares in writing that the defects are corrected, the client or Survey Spain can revisit the property and compare it to the Defects List. If all is not correct, our client will know and can take further action.

We will be pleased to discuss your particular requirements and provide you with a quotation for your property. That can be our full study and report, or just the List of Defects found. We’re here to help with strong, independent, professional advice to make sure that you get what you’ve been promised.

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