Expert Witness


Building Surveys

Our specialist qualified building surveyors all live and work in Spain, some for more than 30 years, and have the experience and expertise to offer advice across all property sectors.

We provide a complete range of building surveying services and our thorough reports offer real insight into the building. We undertake additional due diligence checks to ensure the Title and Tax descriptions are accurate to the physical property. As we find discrepancies at least 80% of the time, this is an essential addition to the office-bound solicitor’s paperwork. All our reports are reviewed by a second Chartered Surveyor

Our reports are based on ‘E.C.C.’ – finding the Evidence of defects; determining the Cause(s); and suggesting the Cure(s).

We enable our clients to be fully aware of the condition of the building and provide guidance on which defects are serious and which are not, plus how they might be corrected. We act 100% for our client, enabling them to confidently make informed decisions. Our advice often saves our clients many times more than the cost of our service.’

Our advisory approach is tailored to match to individual needs, where we find answers to the essential questions you don’t know to ask as well as those you do.


The valuation team at Survey Spain has a reputation for delivering impartial, accurate and independent current market valuations, complying with strict guidelines and providing a service with emphasis on accuracy and professionalism. All valuation reports are prepared by a Chartered Valuation Surveyor in accordance with internationally accepted ‘Red Book’ standards of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the International Valuation Standards Council and are reviewed by a second valuer.

The expertise of the Network members extends across many sectors, including residential, commercial, leisure and business property valuation. We provide all types of reports including Current Market Valuations, Mortgage Valuations, Asset Valuations for Financial Reporting, Development and Investment Appraisals and Valuations for Courts.

Our work must comply with the RICS’s Regulations and Valuer Registration standards, as at any time it could be audited by their robust regulatory process.  Internally, it is supported by a rigorous due diligence process, and our thorough peer review system that ensures every valuation report is consistently of the highest quality.

Expert Witness

When a dispute reaches the Courts, in any country, there is always a need for each side to prove its case. Divorce, Inheritance, Tax or proceeds of Crime are the most common reasons for the subjects of dispute requiring the valuation of a property in Spain. Each side can appoint a valuer of proven competence (RICS) and experienced in valuing the type of property that is being disputed. The valuer works as an Expert Witness for his client, with a responsibility to put forward the property fairly, with a duty to the Court to be truthful and accurate. An Expert Witness will always provide a true opinion of value as directed.

The Courts in England, no doubt having had expert witnesses arguing over facts and values, now appoint a Sole Joint Expert Witness, whose client and duty of care is to the Court, but whose costs are paid equally by the litigants. Ideally, the litigants agree who the Joint Sole Expert Witness will be, but if they can’t, the Court will appoint one.

The Expert Witness is an individual surveyor, and the report must be in a special layout and form, with strict controls against bias and towards the valuation being a fair opinion. The valuers within Survey Spain have considerable Expert Witness experience having worked for many Courts, including all parts of the UK, Gibraltar, USA, Australia and other nations of Europe and other continents.

Investment/Development Appraisals 

For existing Investments, we have many years’ experience in carrying out the physical inspection and due diligence required, ensuring that the property is complying with a current lease and providing advice on what action needs to be taken to secure the income and how it can be improved. In addition, our market knowledge means that we can provide analysis of alternative use, tenant and probable market changes.

Where it is a Development Appraisal, we advise on current site value and end market value. We study the proposals in detail and provide advice on probable market progression over the construction period up to the time of the eventual completion and sale or transfer to a holding investment.

In these instances, we can work for the current owner requiring updating of current market value; for the possible investor seeking to purchase a property; or for the financial backer of any of the other participants.